Family Programs, scheduled four times a year, offer resources for adults, youth & children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families.

Summer 2021 Programs

***Please note, that all of our Family Programs’ day camps (Summer Playtime, Summer Adventures & Fun in the City) are now full, and we are taking waitlist registrations only.  For more information, please email

Deadline for all registrations: Thursday, May 20, 2021 

Program Guide-Summer 2021 Information on all our fall programs, groups and registration procedure and policies.  Please review before registering.

**Please note the change in emails for registration submission**

If you are registering for Family Programs (pages 4 – 7) 

If you are registering for AIP/MHWT Programs (pages 8 – 10) 

Participant Information Form – All program registrations will also require this form to be completed and submitted with the registration.  This form only needs to be filled out once per calendar year and will be kept on file until December 31, 2021.  If the registrant had registered for a Winter or Spring 2021 program, we will already have this form on file.

You may also submit registration forms by mail or front door mail slot:  Autism Services, 209 Fairmont Drive, Saskatoon SK  S7M 5B8

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic our office is closed to the public at this time. Therefore, we cannot accept cash for payments.  Visa, Mastercard and cheque(s) only. (No Visa Debit or Mastercard debit)

Any forms sent by email  must be pdf attachments.  No photos or other image files please! Completed printed forms can be scanned to pdf on your phone/device using a free pdf converter such as Adobe Scan.

**Please save any forms to your computer or device first, close and then reopen the form, before entering in any information.**


*Please note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, email is the preferred mode of communication.  Messages left on office phone extensions may not be returned as quickly as most staff are working at home.

Family Programs: Alex Scott 306-665-4285

AIP/MHWT Programs: Lauren Brandt 306-665-9371

**Payment must accompany all required registration documents before we will accept the the registration as completed.** 

Programs tend to fill up fast so please send in your registration at your earliest convenience!!  If a program is full by the time we are processing your registration form, your child will be placed on a wait list for that program.

Registration and Payment Information – Please read the following information carefully:

1. Program Registration (along with Financial Assistance if also applying for) deadline: Thursday, May 20, 2021 by 4:00 pm.

2. All registrations must be accompanied by some sort of payment, either Visa or Master Card info or cheque(s). Cheques may be post-dated no later than May 20, 2021. Please send a separate cheque for each program requested, as well as for membership if it is due. Payments will not be processed until it is confirmed that the participant is placed in a program.

3. Payment methods: Credit card (Visa or MasterCard only!) is preferred. (Visa debit or Mastercard debit is not accepted.) Payment by cheque(s) will also be accepted. No debit cards or cash will be accepted for payment. Our office is closed to the public due to the Covid-19 pandemic; therefore, we cannot ensure the security of cash payments. All cheques must be made out to Autism Services.

4. Membership must be current for registration. If providing Visa or MasterCard for payment, we will notify you if membership is due and will be charged to the provided credit card. If paying by cheque(s) an additional cheque will be required.

5. Once the registration deadline has been reached, all the registration requests will be reviewed and program placement decisions will be finalized. Once we have finalized our registrations and your child has been accepted into a program, we will email you confirmation of the registration and program specific information to the email provided on the registration form. Mail option available upon request if necessary, but email is preferred. Program confirmation and will be sent out before Christmas break.

6. We will try to accommodate all program requests; however, we do set limits for the number of participants attending each of our programs. We accept registrations on a first come, first served basis. When a program is full we will start a waitlist, which we will use to fill available spots if others cancel their program registration.