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Parent Management Training (PMT)

PMT is the first point of entry to receiving services in the Autism Intervention Program. Successful completion of this program will determine if your child will receive a behavior plan. This pathway will be determined by your consultant.

PMT is a short-term treatment program that helps parents effectively deal with their child’s anxiety and negative behavior so that it significantly decreases. Step-by-step guidance is provided to parents so that they have a basic understanding of language, reinforcement and rewards, effectiveness of time outs, and how to work on long-term behavioral goals for their child. *Please note that this is a condensed version of PMT.

Ages: Parents who have children ages 0 – 5 years old

Childcare is provided upon request. For more information, contact Laura Sipko at 306-665-9375 or

Sibling Group (program for siblings of ASD clients)

AIP_sibling group

Siblings are invited to participate in a group that helps them understand who they are, what ASD is, and to learn how to interact with their sibling. These topics are explored through various activities, including outings within the community (weather permitting). Minimum of 4 participants registered to run the class.

Ages: 8 – 12 years

For more information, contact Lauren Brandt at 306-665-9371 or

Man Cave (program for teen boys)

Man Cave helps participants relate with others and provides them with a variety of different perspectives on how to establish and maintain relationships. Some topics include: conversation skills, choosing and maintaining friends, sexual and relationship education, bullying, handling disagreements as well as peer pressure. Minimum of 4 participants registered to run the class.

Ages: Males, 13 – 19 years

For more information, contact Lucas Carrier at 306-665-9372 or

She Shed Group (program for young girls)

Through a variety of self-esteem group activities, the She Shed group is designed to empower girls through improving their awareness and confidence levels. Group members will have an opportunity to build on their individual strengths and challenges. Minimum of 4 participants registered to run the class.

Ages: Females, 8 – 12 years

For more information, contact Kim Duret at 306-665-4298 or