Currently we do not have any vacancies in our Residential Homes.

You are welcome to fill a  Request for Service Form which our organization will keep on file until a time when a vacancy occurs in an existing home, or until we receive funding to operate additional programs.  If you are looking for other services and support as well, please consider becoming a member of Autism Services Saskatoon.

  • When we have vacancies in an existing or new home, we will review all requests for service.  If our admissions committee feels an applicant is a match with other residents currently residing or being considered for the home we will contact you to arrange a meeting to provide more information about the prospective home and the application process.
  • We will then ask you to fill out an application form.  You may request a tour of the prospective home before or during the application process.  Your community service worker may assist you in filling out the application form.
  • Applications will be reviewed and candidates will be chosen according to needs and compatibility with other residents.  If we are submitting a proposal for funding for a new home, the applicant’s name may also be attached to the proposal as an intended resident of the new home.