While there is no one known cause for autism, it is known the disorder is not caused by poor parenting.

How We Are Funded

Autism Services receives core operational funding from the Saskatoon Health Region.  The Autism Intervention Program is also funded through the Saskatoon Health Region. Residential programs are funded separately by the Government of Saskatchewan, the Department of Social Services, and Saskatchewan Housing.

We obtain grants for specific programs and projects when they are available.

We rely heavily on donations and monetary support from corporate and private donors, as well as community and corporate support for our annual fundraising projects.


Many of our programs are funded, in part, by various granting agencies, including the following:

  • City of Saskatoon Community Grant
  • Saskatoon Health Region Community Wellness Grant
  • Saskatchewan Association for Community Living Employment Grant
  • The Saskatoon Community Foundations Batting 1000 Grant
  • Canada Post Community Foundation Grant