Mental Health & Wellness Team (MHWT)

We are very excited to have a new team member join us this month! We welcomed Louisa Tomasiewicz, Social Worker, to the MHWT on May 10th; and Olivia O’Neill recently started in a new role as Manager of the Mental Health Wellness Team. The MHWT now has a Counsellor, Community Support Worker and Social Worker working together to support clients and their families.


We are continuing to work through our waitlist of clients, and we also received many new referrals for counselling support, advocacy, and financial support this month. We are looking forward to meeting with new families and clients over the coming weeks.

Program registration is now open for our Teen Girls Group which we will be running virtually this summer. We are also still recruiting participants for our PEERS group for Young Adults. Check out the Summer Program guide for more information on our groups.

– Olivia, Manager of the Mental Health & Wellness Team