Mental Health & Wellness Team (MHWT)

We completed the PMT 6-19 program at the end of March and are currently completing the home visit component, which will be held online via Zoom.  The families were engaged and many shared their successes with the program and the tools they were provided to support their child.  Six families successfully completed the program!

We also presented the monthly ASD Information Session to a total of 7 families.  The families who attended the session are new members to Autism Services of Saskatoon and their child has recently received the diagnosis and are seeking further information on what ASD is and what resources and services are available to them to support their child going forward.  The ASD Information sessions are done over zoom and the sessions are alternated each month from a daytime to an evening session, so MHWT can capture as many families as possible.

Three new clients started in-person counselling sessions this month, as we continue sessions with many of our active clients. Over the next month, we will be reaching out to families who were referred recently for their initial meeting over zoom.
– Charlotte & Olivia, Mental Health & Wellness Team