Celebrate Autism!

Meet Alex and Brian, two brothers in our Adult Support Program! They have a great time living together with their other roommates in one of our adult group homes, where staff make sure that their different interests and activities are supported. Alex attends Cosmopolitan Industries and loves to visit with all his friends and coworkers there. He participates in Special Olympics swimming, and is always excited to go ride the bus around the city and explore shops! Alex knows everything about Power Rangers and has collected many of the figurines. Brian is part of our Residential Day Program, enjoying activities at home and in the community. He also participates in Special Olympics, and chose bowling as his go-to sport! He is always ready to go for a walk or car ride.  Brian loves Mario and watching video of gamers playing Super Mario on his tablet. Though they have different interests, they both bring a happy smile when meeting new people, and are both a great help around the house and in the community!