Celebrate Autism!

This month, we’re celebrating the amazing people who Celebrate Autism! every day in our residential group homes, supported independent living, and adult day program! It’s Disability Service Professionals Week and we wanted to take this opportunity to thank our Adult Support Programs’ (ASP) staff for the incredible job they do 24/7. They work tirelessly to ensure our autistic participants have the best quality of life possible and meet goals which are truly Person Centered. Our vision at Autism Services is that all individuals with autism have the opportunity to live with dignity and to reach their full potential. This is what our service staff passionately focus on when supporting our autistic adults.

Throughout the pandemic, these service professionals have supported our residents and participants through the challenges of lock-downs where they couldn’t go out into the community or even visit with family. From birthday parades to pizza drive-in’s, our staff have found creative ways to support our adults and make their days fun and fulfilling.

Thank you, Autism Services’ ASP staff! We see you and the amazing work you do. Thank you for celebrating autism every day!