Celebrate Autism!

This is Parker. He is a happy, affectionate 12 year old with a great sense of humor. He loves race cars and reading stories. He also enjoys going on his scooter, tubing, swimming in the lake, and snowmobiling. Parker was diagnosed with autism at 5 years old. He likes to play with other kids, but sometimes doesn’t know exactly how to interact with them. As he loves to be active, being able to attend recreational programs like Autism Services’ swim lessons is huge for Parker’s parents. It’s something not available to them when they lived in Alberta. The passion of the Autism Services’ staff and volunteers to support Parker is amazing and Parker’s family is truly happy to be a part of Autism Services. Here’s a quote from Parker’s mom, about their journey with autism: “You celebrate the little things because they are big things.” We’re so happy to support Parker and to celebrate him along with his family!