Celebrate Autism!

Matthew Doyle is one of our Day Program participants, and we wanted to give him the spotlight for being an all around great guy! Matthew enjoys heading out to day program with his support worker Guneet each morning. Throughout the week, Matthew participates in activities, including working out at Theraplay, colouring and doing puzzles at the day program drop-in space, and enjoying a snack break before he goes home.

One thing that everyone who knows Matthew quickly notices is what a positive and kind person he is. Matthew is patient and caring, and is always thoughtful towards the people he works with. Matthew has also been very flexible and able to roll with all the changes that have happened in the past few years. He hasn’t been able to do some of his favourite things as often, like meeting friends at Burger King, but he’s still enthusiastic about the activities he can do. He is always careful to keep his mask on, and follow the safety rules, which is appreciated by everyone else in the day program!

Matthew loves music and is usually seen with his headphones on, even when he’s exercising. He is quite talented at puzzles, and is willing to take the time to complete them. When the weather is nicer, Matthew enjoys walks in the park or finding somewhere to beat the heat.

Matthew and his family have been members of Autism Services for many years, and have been great supporters. We are lucky to be able to work with Matthew and support him through our Adult Day Program. Thanks for being part of our group Matthew!