Celebrate Autism!

This is Janet Sebelius! Janet has been part of the Autism Services’ family for many years. Both of her sons have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and are part of our Adult Support Programs (ASP). Janet also works as a staff member in ASP.

It wasn’t until Janet was in her 50’s that she received an Autism diagnosis and this was because, thinking about her sons, she wondered if she might have Autism, too. Referring to her diagnosis, Janet says, “The Autism diagnosis doesn’t change anything, but it explains everything.”

Janet is an accomplished, award-winning artist. After her boys had grown up, she began exploring art in the forms of ceramics and needle-felting. Even as a child, she always like to draw, and she loves oil painting. For her ceramics and needle-felting work, she picked up the craft on her own, was encouraged by others to do more art projects, and began entering art shows. When it comes to her art, Janet wants to make people smile. She’s currently working on needle-felting projects that are fun, quirky, and whimsical.

(we’ve included photos of some of her projects below)

In addition to her artistic pursuits, Janet has long been an advocate for Autism locally and provincially. She has spoken with representatives of the government to inform them about the needs and concerns of the autistic community. She is passionate about raising Autism awareness and acceptance, and looks for ways to promote autistic voices.

We love Janet’s creativity and passion. She brings so much to our Autism community!