*Client’s name in story is changed to protect their identity.

Client Success Story

by By Alanna Barr, Music Therapist

Luke is a warm and gentle 7-year-old boy who has had tremendous benefit from music therapy. Luke’s parents were amazed at the comfort and trust that Luke was able to build in our therapeutic relationship. In other new environments, Luke had struggled with outbursts due to unfamiliarity and anxiousness. Luke’s love for music acted as a bridge of connection for us, and was the main tool used to create safe and trusting environment.

One success for Luke during music therapy was the reduction of his self-harming behaviours. When Luke was prone to self-harm during sessions, music based relaxation and active music making was a tool to redirect and ground himself. In collaboration with Luke’s parents, a music playlist was carefully curated to promote reducing these behaviours at home, particularly after school. Luke’s parents relayed to me that when they played this particular playlist during his transition from school to home, they saw the reduction of his self-harming behaviours, and an increase in his ability to wind down.

These moments of success provide such strong evidence of why music therapy is important. Through music therapy offered at Autism Services, this client and their family have found tools to create positive change, making a difference in this child’s quality of life.