Celebrate Autism!

This is Karla. Karla has been supported with Autism Services in the Residential Program since she was 12 years old! Karla loves it most when she can go and visit her family for holidays or when they come and visit her at her home in Saskatoon. She enjoys going to her Day Program at Cosmopolitan Industries where she takes part in the recycling program, delivers flyers and does many other recreational activities.

Karla is very athletic and has accomplished many 5km runs. She is always itching to go for a walk outside or on her treadmill. Karla loves going to her Horse Back Riding lessons every week at Equilibrium Therapeutic Riding.  She is happiest when she is able to ride her horse!

Karla benefits most from Autism Services because we are her voice. Karla is not able to tell us what she needs, but the ASP staff have built amazing relationships with her and know what makes her happy, so we make sure she is happy every day!