Celebrate Autism!

This is Kolby. Kolby was diagnosed with high functioning autism weeks before turning 7 years of age. He reached all his developmental milestones growing up and there wasn’t much to indicate that he may be on the spectrum. For him it was hand flapping, lining up cars while having his face really close, and a fascination with anything that moved. As he got older, fine motor skill issues became more and more noticeable. Kolby is a kind and caring boy who is always ready to help someone in need. He is social and loves to make new friends. He wants people to know that everyone with ASD is unique. You may even know someone who has ASD and not even realize it.

For Autism Awareness & Acceptance Month, Kolby is selling bracelets to raise money for Autism Services. See the poster for details on how you can order a bracelet. Thank you, Kolby! You are amazing!