Adult Support Programs (ASP)

The last month has flown by!  The participants in our Adult Support Programs enjoyed preparing for Halloween; they carved pumpkins and did some decorating.  Some of them dressed up and had fun with their costumes.  A couple of our staff dressed up and went around to the homes and handed out treats so that was a welcome surprise!  Thank you to our wonderful and thoughtful staff for making every occasion memorable.

Special Olympics Bowling started for five of our group and they are having fun getting out and being active.  Some of the guys have also joined Adult Club this fall, so it’s nice to be back to some of the activities they did pre-COVID.

Now that we are into fall (and soon winter) our routines have changed somewhat, but we look forward to the nice days where we can get outside; and of course we look forward to the Christmas Season ahead.

– Glenda, Director of Adult Support Programs (ASP)