Adult Support Programs (ASP)

The last week in May is Disability Support Professionals Week.  We will be celebrating the staff who work in our Adult Support Programs by doing a draw each day and awarding the winners with gift cards – just because they are awesome!  The skills and energy that they put to work each day to ensure that the participants in our programs are supported well are appreciated.  We have a fabulous team, and words can’t begin to express how much we value each support worker.

Our participants have been enjoying getting out more now that the weather is better.  This past month has been busy with activity. The last event we held was our Pizza Drive-In where each group came by for a quick and tasty supper.  Some stayed to visit, so it was fun to catch up with everyone!

Our managers have been busy coordinating Person Centered Planning meetings for each participant who is due to review their goals and set new ones.  It’s nice to look ahead and make plans for the upcoming 2 years.  Each individual has specific goals and we strive to work towards them and find ways to make their dreams come true.

– Glenda, Director of Adult Support Programs