Adult Support Programs (ASP)

Another month has flown by, bringing with it lots of sunshine, cool breezes and opportunities to be out and about!  One of the first signs that summer is approaching is the opening of Kinsmen Park.  Some of our participants were happy that the park opened on May 9th, and have already had a chance to visit.  Now with better weather we have been able to visit Pike Lake, the Zoo and Forestry Farm Park as well, which are favorite outings for lots of the individuals we support.  A number of the guys in our program enjoyed participating in the virtual and window walks in April to celebrate and spread Autism awareness and acceptance.

We look forward to getting a call from the Saskatchewan Health Authority with news of when we can hold our 2nd vaccination clinic.  This will hopefully open more opportunities for us over the summer.

We are happy to announce that Denise Piche has accepted a Team Lead Position at our newest home.  Congratulations Denise!  Denise has worked at Autism Services for almost 3 and a half years.  This is a natural transition into the position as she has been supporting at the Richardson home since it opened.

We have a number of new staff who have been training, as well as a number of practicum students from the Disability Support Worker Program at Sask Poly Technic.  It takes time to adjust to new faces but they always bring new energy to our teams and participants, and we welcome the chance to build new relationships.

– Glenda, Director of Adult Support Programs