Adult Support Programs (ASP)

We have had lots of action over the last month in Adult Support Programs. Opening another home, brings lots of extra duties! A team of staff has been hired and trained and we are grateful for the help we have received from Community Living Service Delivery and other Ministry staff with training and transition planning. The work of setting up the home has come together through team effort, and also volunteer work. Thank you to all of the support staff, administrative staff and volunteers; this could never be done without a willing group of people! We also want to acknowledge the staff and the team leads who have been able to manage things on the frontline and allow these additional duties to be divided up. The support work in our department has continued in the other homes and day program. Caitlin (Day Program Manager) also managed to find time to present information about Autism to students in the Educational Assistant Program at Sask Polytech.

We want to extend a warm welcome to all of the new staff who have joined us over the last month! We look forward to working with you. We also want to say good-bye to Ben Hildebrandt who worked for us in a few different roles over the last 7 years. Ben was great at his job and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

The warmer weather is welcome in our world as it allows all of our participants to get out more and helps improve everyone’s spirits. We are hopeful that some of the restrictions will be lifted in the upcoming weeks, so we can look forward to getting together with the people we are missing and who we haven’t seen for several months. Everyone is keeping busy, and we have one group of guys who have purchased a treadmill. The staff and participants have started an exercise program every morning and have increased from 10 to 25 minutes of walking! They would like to share a health tip with everyone:  “Keep exercising, and make it fun!”

– Glenda, Director of ASP