Adult Support Programs (ASP)

We had our 2nd vaccination clinic on June 29th and more than 75% of our Adult Support Programs are fully vaccinated!  The clinic was a huge success with 99 vaccinations given.  We were able to include some family members as well as office staff and are very grateful for the efficient nurses who were sent out by the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

Now that we are 3 weeks post vaccine, we have a number of our participants who have started back to their day programs part time.  They will be increasing time over the summer, and we look forward to being close to full attendance in the fall.  We are also increasing our presence in the community with adding another activity in a safe way each week.  The participants in our program look forward to shopping, swimming, bowling, going on the city bus and many more community activities through the month of August.

One of our managers, Ryan Cupid will be leaving us on August 15th.  Ryan has been accepted to law school, but will stay on as a casual staff in our homes.  Congratulations Ryan, and good luck with your studies!  We are happy to announce that Guri Osahan has accepted the position as manager for 3 of our homes.  Guri has worked for Autism Services for 8 years, and has proven to be a reliable employee.  He is kind and compassionate and is liked by everyone he works with!  We are confident that he will excel in this position.  Congratulations Guri!

– Glenda Kpelly, Director of Adult Support Program