Adult Support Programs (ASP)

We are all looking forward to this Holiday Season and are busy with Christmas preparations.  Our staff and participants have entered into our friendly Christmas competition where they submit pictures each week of that weeks challenge.  The contest started with the first weeks’ competition being the “Best Handmade Christmas Tree Decorations” and the second weeks’ the best “Edible Christmas Themed Arrangement”.  Each week the winner wins bragging rights, with the grand prize at the end of the three weeks being a pizza party!  We can’t wait to see all of the festive photos!

Our day program staff and participants are getting into the Holiday spirit as well, with a Scavenger Hunt.  They have a list of items that they need to find and take pictures of out in the community.  There will be a grand prize for the team that finds the most items and submits the pictures.

We aren’t holding our traditional Holiday parties this year, but want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season!  We wish you a festive time within your smaller group gatherings and wish you all the best in the New Year.

– Glenda, Director of Adult Support Programs