Autism Intervention Program (AIP)

AIP has been very busy getting ready for our fall block of service for one-to-one clients and group programs! We had an overwhelming number of registrations for our fall groups and while we are excited to have our programs filled, we do unfortunately have waitlists for a few of them. It’s always helpful to know however, what programs families and clients are interested in so we know what groups to run again the future. We also had Kristin, our new Behavior Therapist, start with AIP and she’s been busy shadowing other Behavior Therapists and working through some training materials. Another one of our Behaviour Therapists recently took a training course on PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) and will be ready to use her skills and knowledge immediately with her clients. We’re looking forward to a busy fall!

– Lauren, Director of Autism Intervention Program

(see below) Kristin, our newest Behavior Therapist