Autism Intervention Program (AIP)

The Autism Intervention Program team has had a busy month as we continue to support families virtually and with some one-to-one services at the building. Due to demand, we added another Parent Management Training (PMT) group (for the 0-5 yrs age group) which began at the beginning of March. Caregivers in the group have reported some success each week with the goals they’ve been working on with their children. Registration for our spring groups has closed and we are happy to be able to run all of these virtual groups for our clients and families, most notably the Sibling Group which hasn’t been offered in quite some time. It was also very exciting to add another full-time Behaviour Therapist to the team at the beginning of March! Finally, we’ve just signed up for a HIPAA-certified electronic data collection system and are looking forward to getting this up and running with our intervention and programming for clients.

– Lauren, Interim Director of AIP