ABA Little Tots Program

The Little Tots Behavior Therapists are always trying to brainstorm different ideas for finding more toys or activities their clients like to play with. Last month we talked about doing this by playing with toys in different ways. Another way we do this is through pairing the child’s highly preferred items with different toys or activities.

A lot of children have an interest in numbers. Here are some of the ideas the team came up with on how to play with numbers in different ways within a session:

  • making numbers out of play-doh
  • magnetic numbers
  • rolling a number down their arm or your arm
  • pretend sneezing out the numbers
  • jumping numbers on a trampoline
  • stacking numbers up to make a tower-then karate chop tower
  • dropping them off of things
  • hiding the numbers inside of things
  • making hungry hippos eat the numbers
  • sensory bins where they can dig out or fish out the numbers
  • number scavenger hunt
  • paper ice cream cones with numbered scoops
  • hopscotch
  • using construction trucks to haul around the numbers
  • physical play- hitting a number button and then 4 jumping that number of times with the child
  • counting pieces- eg. Cars, gears, lego, animals, etc.
  • singing about numbers
  • tucking the numbers in for a nap

– Desirae, Director of the ABA Little Tots Program