Coordinate a community fundraiser at any time throughout the year. Successful community fundraisers often develop into annual events.

Autism Services Support Limitations

There are a few things we can’t do to support your community event.  Please note that we can’t:

  • Fund or reimburse any of the event expenses.
  • Share our mailing list of donors or volunteers.
  • Guarantee staff or volunteer support and/or attendance at your event.
  • Provide applications for gaming licenses, permits, insurance.
  • Provide prizes, auction items, awards.


  • Autism Services reserves the right to refuse to support community fundraising events that conflict with its mission or that it believes will negatively affect the reputation of Autism Services.
  • Autism Services will not assume financial or managerial responsibility of a community event.
  • When soliciting for cash or gifts, a third party must not state or imply representation of Autism Services. It should be made clear that they are an outside party helping to raise funds in support of Autism Services.
  • Community fundraisers cannot fundraise by canvassing door-to-door.
  • Autism Services cannot supply receipt books for community fundraising events.


  • Autism Services’ name and logo are registered trademarks. Permission must be given in advance by Autism Services for the use and context of Autism Services’ name and logo on any promotional materials and/or advertising associated with the fundraiser. Written permission must first be granted before “Autism Services” is used for any purpose.
  • Autism Services reserves the right to withdraw consent to use its name or logo at any time if such use could damage Autism Services’ reputation in the community.
  • Authorized use of the Autism Services logo does not constitute an endorsement of any specific business, product or service. The community fundraisers will be promoted and carried out in a manner to avoid statement or appearance of endorsement.
  • All information released to the media must be reviewed and approved by Autism Services prior to distribution.
  • Autism Services cannot mail promotional material out to existing donors or provide donor contact info.
  • The relationship between the event and Autism Services should be made clear—the event is held in support of, and not hosted by, Autism Services. You may use one of the following phrases, or something similar, in order to communicate the relationship:
    • Proceeds from this event will go to Autism Services.  (Use the terms “partial” or “net proceeds,” if appropriate).
    • The (name of the event) will benefit Autism Services.
    • Your ticket purchase helps us support Autism Services.


  • Autism Services assumes no financial or legal liability associated with community fundraisers and is not responsible for any resulting damage, loss or injury.
  • Autism Services does not insure any community fundraisers.  It is the responsibility of community fundraiser organizers to ensure that they have the necessary insurance coverage, licenses and permits and that they are compliant with all relevant legal requirements.  Such documents must be in the name of the community fundraiser organizer and not Autism Services.


  • Autism Services shall be entitled to 100% of the charitable portion raised for Autism Services. This amount is equal to the total event proceeds, less any direct expenses generated by the event. In the event that multiple charities are being supported, please ensure that this is clear on all promotional materials.
  • Autism Services will not provide financial assistance and will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by the community fundraiser.
  • All net funds should be submitted to Autism Services within 30 days after the conclusion of the fundraiser.

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