COVID-19: Service Delivery – Update March 17

Date posted March 17, 2020

We have had to make some tough service delivery decisions and we have outlined some of those for you:

ABA – Little Tots:

The program will continue running through Thursday, March 19th and will then close for the next two weeks. During that time we will monitor the over-all situation and explore ways to continue supporting the children/families of those attending.


Group programs are postponed effective immediately as are home visits. Individual therapy appointments will continue at the Service Center or via telephone depending on the choice the individual client/family makes. We will be removing the toys from our waiting areas to limit potential exposure. We ask people to please not come to the center if you or anyone who needs to be with you is exhibiting any signs of illness. Also, we ask that as few people as necessary attend the appointment.

Family Programs:

The Winter session was in it’s last week and we have now cancelled this last week’s programs, many of which were held in community-based venues which have also been closed. Registration for Spring session is well underway and we will continue with that for now. Should it become necessary to delay the delivery of those programs, we will let people know as soon as possible.

Adult Support Programs (Day Programs/Group Homes):

Considerable focus and attention is being placed on ensuring these programs continue with as little disruption as possible. Some of the external day programs that our residents attend may be closing and we are already working at putting new supports and programs in place internally.


Our staff are busily keeping in touch with families to inform them of changes to programs and services and we hope that if any of these changes impact you directly…you’ve already heard about them. However, we also know that sometimes connections are missed and so this may be news to some of you. Please know we are doing our best to keep families informed and served.

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