COVID-19: Operations – June 11 Update

Date posted June 10, 2020

As Saskatchewan moves through the various Phases of the Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan, we recognize there is potential for confusion concerning the re-opening of services as related to autism-related services.

It’s helpful to know that the phases for Re-Open Saskatchewan may be timed differently for health-related services versus the re-opening of the economy. With that in mind, the Saskatchewan Health Authority has developed a plan for the resumption of services (see “Saskatchewan Health Authority Service Resumption Plan” on the provincial government website). Under that plan, Phase 3 lists that the “further expansion of everyday health services” includes “specialized services for clients with…Autism…”. However, the actual resumption of in-person services and programs will not  immediately commence as of June 8 (Phase 3 date scheduled for Re-Open Saskatchewan).

These are unprecedented times, where neither we nor the agencies we work with have a tested roadmap to draw from in this unique situation. Resuming the multitude of health-related services is a complex task and we are: 1) working to align with the Saskatchewan Health Authority resumption of services’ initiatives, and 2) working with our partner agencies to develop as robust a plan as we can to ensure the safety of our clients and staff while providing the services that are so important to you, our members.

New information is coming to us on a daily basis, which makes developing a plan challenging. Also, the diversity and uniqueness of our services is a factor, as some of our services may fall under one part of the Re-Open (and Resumption) Plan and other services fall under another part. While we are working towards a plan to re-open our Service Center to our clients and staff, for the time being, it remains closed with the majority of our staff continuing to work remotely.

In the interim, we will continue to provide our services virtually; though we are looking at options for offering modified versions of our summer programming to the families who’ve registered. We want to be of support to you and encourage you to reach out as needed. Our department contacts are:

We will provide further updates as we have more information to share with you. Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.

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