Apex Trampolines wants your feedback

Date posted January 11, 2021

From the APEX Trampolines Active Entertainment Group:

Our entire team is interested in learning more and combining our trampoline knowledge with the uniqueness of autism. We frequently see groups like Autism Services Saskatoon at Apex.  Our manufacturing division consistently sells trampolines to families with an autistic child. Something about trampolines is helping these children.  We are looking for families in the Saskatoon community that can help us bridge the gap and figure out what will help these kids the most.  This could involve a few phone calls, emails, zoom meetings, etc.  Ultimately it would likely involve providing tailor made indoor/outdoor trampolines for testing, free of charge.  I am also happy to get our team in Saskatoon involved to see if there is anything further we do at our parks to support these kids.

To give a rough idea, I have broken out a few of the small nuances that are often overlooked and some of the adjustments we can easily make happen very quickly.

1) Bounce characteristic

  • Soft – Comparable to Apex 2-string super trampolines
  • Medium – Traditional Apex black trampoline
  • Firm – Traditional rebounder

2) Safety Pad Firmness

  • Soft – Apex Saskatoon style.  Less durability, not all weather.
  • Medium – Cross link foam, similar to hockey helmet foam. Excellent durability.  Medium weather resistance.
  • Firm – Traditional backyard trampoline, Excellent Durability.  All weather/outdoor capable.

3) Safety Pad Colour

  • Bright, Neutral or Dark
  • Maybe two colour options?  One that could use colour to improve energetic expression vs another that helped influence calmness?

4) Jump Surface Colour (Bright, Neutral, dark)

  • There are a number of options.
  • High grip trampoline mesh isn’t as durable, but provides excellent grip with socked feet.  This material is only available in black.
  • Traditional trampoline mesh like what we use at Apex.  This is also available in a deep purple, fuchsia and bright green.

If any families are interested in providing some input to this project, please contact Alex Scott directly at alex.scott@autismservices.ca or by phone at 306-665-4285 and he will make that connection for you! We are excited for this potential! Please see below for a picture of their design!