Anyone wanting to access our programs must go through an agency intake process.

Request an Agency Intake Appointment

To request an agency intake appointment for yourself or to refer your child for an intake appointment, please email

Required information

Please include the following information:

  • the individual’s name and age,
  • address of individual’s current residence (if you are relocating to the Saskatoon area, please state when you will be moving),
  • caregiver name(s) (if applicable), and
  • email and phone number to be reached at

If you are unable to request an appointment using email, please call front desk at 306-665-7013 x0 to request an intake appointment and provide the above listed required information to the front desk person.

You will be contacted within approximately 4 weeks to book an intake appointment.

At your intake appointment

At your intake appointment, you will receive information about Autism Services of Saskatoon and the services and supports we provide. We will also collect important health and background information about the individual being referred. This information is kept confidential and is important to help us direct you to services and supports that will fit your needs.

Agency Intake Expiration and Renewal

PLEASE NOTE: Autism Services’ clients who do not access any of our services over a 12 month period are required to go through the Agency Intake process again. We do this to ensure that our files are accurate and that any changes pertaining to the client have been documented.