People do not grow out of autism. Autism is a lifelong disorder; however, the manifestation of symptoms may change over time. While there is yet no known cure, autism is definitely treatable.

Administration & Development

Lynn Latta

Executive Director

Lynn has always been keenly interested in social justice and supporting people in overcoming challenges to live the life they desire for themselves. A 25-year career at CNIB; service on various boards, including 9 years with CLASSIC (Community Legal Assistance Services for Saskatoon Inner City); and completing the Executive Coaching program through Royal Roads University, were all foundational building block experiences that Lynn draws on every day in her role at Autism Services. She has been with Autism Services as of September 2014, serving as the Executive Director. What uplifts and motivates Lynn is being able to contribute to an organization doing meaningful work with compassion and integrity. She finds inspiration in the people Autism Services serves—along with the employees, volunteers, donors and funders—who demonstrate unwavering commitment, creative approaches to overcoming challenges and celebrating successes…big and small…with one another.

Alle Guarnieri

Director of Fund Development, Marketing and Communications


Anna-beth Zulkoskey

Office Manager


Carrie April

Administrative Assistant

Pat Kuechle

Administrative Assistant

ABA Program

Janelle Ginter

Senior Therapist

Cassandra Hanley

Behavior Therapist

Kira Mitchell

Behavior Therapist

Desirae Boutin

Director of ABA Program

Desirae is a BCBA and has a Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism. She also has an undergraduate degree in Communication Disorders and worked as a behavior therapist privately along with working as a 1:1 in a daycare setting. Once she saw the way she could help children through ABA in the Little Tots program she decided to complete her masters in ABA. She joined Autism Services in October 2014 where she began working as behavior therapist, then moved into a lead therapist position and after becoming certified moved into the Director position. Desirae enjoys being able to celebrate each and every small and large success with the children, with the team, and the parents on a daily basis. She feels grateful to be a part of a team of wonderful people who are all dedicated to assisting others in any way they can.

Oksana Zbitniff

Behavior Therapist

Samara Sawchuk

Behavior Therapist

Shawna Sinclair

Behavior Therapist

Tyra Bilodeau

Behavior Therapist

Victoria Little

Behavior Therapist

Autism Intervention Program (AIP)

Olivia O’Neill

Interim Director of the Autism Intervention Program


Lauren Brandt

Director of Autism Intervention Program (AIP)

(currently on leave)

Ann Loeppky

Intake Coordinator

Almasa Nordstrom

Autism Consultant

Shelley Kolisnek

Autism Consultant

Tessa McKibben

Speech-Language Pathologist/Autism Consultant

Faly Golshan

Autism Consultant

Neusha Mofazzali

Autism Consultant

Kathlyn Zales

Behavior Therapist

Kristin Seffern

Behavior Therapist

Noel Durand

Autism Consultant

Start date: October 31, 2022

Adult Support Programs (ASP)

Guri Osahan

Adult Support Programs Manager

Caitlin Stickney

Adult Support Programs Manager

Jenny Besenski

Adult Support Programs Manager

Tara Enns

Assistant Manager - Adult Support Programs

Josh Edelman

Team Lead

Davinder Sidhu

Team Lead

Denise Piche

Team Lead

Chantal Kleinsasser

Team Lead

Glenda Kpelly

Director of Adult Support Programs

Glenda began working in the Human Services Field in 1990. After working for six years on the front line in community homes, she started training and working in management.  She began working for Autism Services of Saskatoon in 2000 and became Director of Adult Support Programs in 2011.  “I enjoy being part of Autism Services because of the valuable connections with so many people.  Even after many years in the field I learn something new every day so I am able to stay engaged and interested.  Serving others and supporting them to have the best quality of life possible is rewarding in so many ways

Family Programs

Megan Seto

Family Programs Coordinator

Alex Scott

Director of Family Programs

Alex stays motivated by seeing the continuous progress of his clients and knowing he has helped shape children’s lives. On the side, he is an avid National Team Lawn Bowler who has travelled around the world and who plays many sports recreationally.

Mental Health & Wellness Team

Bethan Weeding

Interim Manager of the Mental Health & Wellness Team

Charlotte Loeppky

Community Support Worker

Louisa Tomasiewicz

Social Worker