Getting a Referral for a Diagnosis in the Saskatoon Area

  • The first step is to ask your family doctor for a referral to a specialist for assessment regarding a suspicion of an autism spectrum disorder. The referral should be made to one of the agencies or Doctors listed below depending on the age of the person needing the assessment.
  • Once the agency/doctor receives the referral they will send out forms to the parents or individual to complete. As soon as these completed forms are returned to them they will place the individual on the wait list and/or schedule an appointment for the assessment.
  • The average waiting time between referral and assessment date is 8 months to one year for both the Kinsmen Children’s Center and the Department of Psychiatry. The quicker your family doctor can make the referral and the faster you are able to return the completed forms to the appropriate office the faster your assessment can be booked.

The following is a list of some professionals in the Saskatoon Area who make the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Children 5 years of age and under:
Kinsmen Children’s Center
Ph:(306) 655-1070
(Team based assessment and diagnosis).

Children Between 6 and 18 years of age:
Department of Psychiatry at Royal University Hospital
Room 241 Ellis Hall, Ph: (306) 966-8237

Dr. CHERLAND, Esther, M.D.
Dr. FELSTROM, Anna, M.D.
Dr. QUINN, Declan, M.D.
Dr. REISNER, Debra, M.D.
Dr. CLARK, Malin, M.D. (adolescent patients only)

Department of Pediatrics at Royal University Hospital
Referrals from family doctor on suspicion of Aspergers Syndrome only


Referral by Family Physician
Dr. PRASAD, M.S. (Psychiatrist)
Ph: (306) 653-4843

Adult Mental Health, Clinical Health Psychology
Dr. BONLI, Rupal. (Psychologist)
Ph: (306) 270-6734

Private Assessment Fee for Service

Dr. HELMER, D’Arcy. (Psychologist)
Ph: (306) 244-2353