People do not grow out of autism. Autism is a lifelong disorder; however, the manifestation of symptoms may change over time. While there is yet no known cure, autism is definitely treatable.
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Autism Night at Apex Trampoline Park
April 18, 2018 6:00 pm
April 10, 2018
Apex Trampoline Park
3910 Burron Avenue, Saskatoon

Copy of APEX Autism Awareness Night

Apex Trampoline Park is hosting a ‘sensory-friendly’ Autism Awareness Night.

They will have dimmer lights, will play quieter music, and will refrain from using flashing lights. All Autism Services’ member families are welcome and we are inviting the general public to join us. 

Autism Services’ staff will be at the event to provide information and answer questions about ASD. This is part of our April Autism Awareness Month events to promote Autism awareness and acceptance in our community.

Book your jump passes online here (prices vary based on length of jump time).

Invite your friends and join us on April 18th!