3rd Party Research Project: Anxiety in Children with ASD

Date posted November 30, 2018

Wanted: Parents interested in treatment for anxiety in children with ASDMother-child

Are you a parent of a child with autism between 7-12 years of age? Does your child also struggle with anxiety? We are looking for parents who are interested in delivering, with the support of a coach, an online intervention program to their child with anxiety.

You are invited to complete a confidential, online questionnaire to find out if this program is appropriate for you and your child. The questionnaire will take approximately 15 minutes. This research project is Sarah Elizabeth Ivens’ PhD dissertation and is being supervised by Dr. Lynn Loutzenhiser. This project has been approved on ethical grounds by the Research Ethics Board of the University of Regina.

For more information, please feel free to contact me at ivens20s@uregina.ca

Thank you for your time,

Sarah Elizabeth Ivens
Child and Family Research Group
University of Regina

To complete the questionnaire, please visit http://uregina.ca/~loutzlyn/Research.html

Pending Information Session

Autism Services will be hosting an information session (tentatively scheduled for January 2019) with Ms. Ivens to provide an opportunity to ask more questions about the program.  We will confirm the January information session date sometime in December.


This research project is conducted by a 3rd party and not by Autism Services. We are not involved in the research ourselves, rather our role is to simply share this information with our members.