SK Budget 2019 increases funding for autism

Date posted March 20, 2019

Lynn Latta, our ED was delighted to attend the Saskatchewan budget address with the ED of the Autism Resource Centre (ARC) in Regina today – where they learned their joint proposal for funding to enhance mental health services was approved!


From the SK budget press release: “$200,000 will be divided between the Autism Resource Centre in Regina and Autism Services of Saskatoon to enable each organization to hire a mental health professional to provide enhanced treatment for autism-specific mental health disorders.”

We are excited to be working with ARC on a service model that combines direct face-to-face service, community collaboration, awareness and education initiatives.

Additional exciting news was of the increase in the annual amount (from $4,000 to $6,000) of Individualized Funding for children under 6 who have been diagnosed with autism. Given the importance of early intervention…this will be a welcome increase for many families.

We are extremely grateful to the Saskatchewan Government for providing additional and increased funding to serve those with autism.